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The Edge

One Specialist to one Division. We have team members dedicated to only one division so that they can keep their focus on only their teams. This allows each Specialist to specialize in their sport and give us the highest winning percentage.

Time Saved

How many hours do you spend trying to find that Edge? I can't even count the amount of time saved from trying to google betting leads and tips. We do that all for you so you can focus on what's really important.

Steele Vegas Blog

Our blog section has been implemented to add a dynamic and very real feel to our content. We are just regular guys who love sports!

Reasonable Fees

Steele Vegas was made with only one idea in mind. To Make Money Betting on Sports. We're not here to break your bank. For as low as a gym membership you can have access to our premium information.

Community builder

We are building a very real community here at Steele Vegas. The team matters at every single level of this company. From top to bottom the client is our main focus. *Annual Party in Las Vegas coming soon*

Easy to use interface

Simplicity is at the core of Steele Vegas. Getting information to make bets on sports should be easy! We make sure our website is running 24/7 and customer service is our #1 priority. Your experience matters to us.

Sports Betting,
In the Spotlight.

“Last year over $4.8 billion dollars were wagered in Las Vegas Sports Books.”

New York Times

“For 9 consecutive years, Las Vegas has recorded new highs in the Sports Betting Industry.”

Forbes Magazine

Every Single Major Sports  Station in America will have a segment dedicated to Sports Betting.

Insider Radio

“Sports Betting will be one of the newest and biggest market in 2019.”


“Screen Time and Entertainment are at an all time high in American history.”


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