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Just some regular guys.

Yep, that’s it. We’re just some regular dudes who graduated college right when Sports Betting was made legal. I can honestly tell you, we’re just some guys who really love sports. 

Some people know cars, some people know politics, others know beer or how to cook a 4 star meal. Not us, we know sports. And luckily for us, Sports can make us money. 

Steele Vegas was founded on one very simple idea, find the edge. The edge is what gives us the advantage. Every person that has ever been good at anything has had an edge. So what is it?

The Edge is something you know and you can take advantage of. Imagine playing poker and you knew your opponents card, your edge would be HUGE. Or picture you’re at bat and you know exactly what pitch is being thrown. You would hit it out of the park! What if you had the questions to the test before the test was given? What if you had the winning lottery numbers?

No, we don’t have the winning lottery numbers nor can we predict the future. But what we focus on every single day, is finding that edge.

The Edge in Sports Betting is often over-looked, not talked about or simply just not “sexy” enough. Las Vegas makes ALL its money off PRIME TIME games, because that’s where all the money is. The Edge often isn’t in prime time games, but instead it’s found when a 7 year veteran lines up against a rookie corner. Or when Drew Brees plays against a second string line backer, or when simply you know a team just can’t compete with another team. That’s the edge, that’s what we EXPLOIT every single week. 

Sports just like ANYTHING else is something learned. Here at Steele Vegas we hire (and are still hiring) “Division Specialist.” One of our biggest advantages is that we take one specialist and focus him on one division. Why? One person to watch 8 teams is a million times easier than one person to watch all of sports. We know Las Vegas focuses all of its attention on prime time games and because of that we attack what they aren’t watching. For example we have one guy focusing on the weakest division of College Football just so we can FIND THAT EDGE.

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Sean Steele

Owner and CEO

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