What Is The NHL Safe System?

The main premise the Chase System exists under is that it is improbable to lose 5 bets in a row.  It is even more improbable to lose 6 or 7 bets in a row.  And it is darn near impossible to lose 8 bets in a row

Imagine flipping a coin.  How many times in a row do you think you’ll flip heads?  You would have to be extremely unlucky to flip the same side 5 times in a row. 


1) Calculate your unit price and place a bet. 

2) If you win, then great!  Nice job!  Recalculate your unit price and place another bet.

          If you lose, then it’s okay.  Your next bet will win that unit yet.  Add your unit price to the money you just lost ($1 unit price + $1.10 you just lost).  For your next bet, you will set it to win this amount. 

         If you lose again, then repeat the same procedure of adding your unit price to the total amount you have lost during the current losing streak ($1 unit price + $1.10 lost 1st bet + $2.31 lost 2nd bet = $4.41).  Your next bet will attempt to win the sum of your losses plus one unit price.

          Keep repeating this process until you win a bet.  Like mentioned before, there is very little chance of losing so many in a row, especially if you stay knowledgeable about the sport and its teams.

         We use this system as a safe money system. This way we decrease our overall risk. If you risk $1000 every single week but use this system to safely ensure $300 then your worst case scenario you only lose $700. It is the equivalent to a CD or a Bond issued from the bank. The process is slower but is much safer.

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