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Our Basic Membership Subscription gets you access to all of Steele Vegas sports insights. Including our elite picks, parlays and safe system bets!

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Our Gold Membership gets you access to our higher level Gold Plays reserved for members only of Gold Status. You also can subscribe to receive our picks BE SENT TO YOU at any email that YOU decide works best. On top of that you will get access to our very own Steele Vegas Team Store! On top of EVERYTHING our Basic Membership gets!


Our Platinum Membership means you are royalty. You get will get access to our very best plays every single week as well as our live betting. Just like Gold Membership you can get the plays sent to any email address, access to the team store with a 75% discount off everything in store! You also get private access to our CHASE SYSTEM BET. The Best System in all of Sports Betting. This System is used for safe money and to ensure you NEVER HAVE A LOSING WEEK AGAIN. No downside risk, with all the upside potential.

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“My days you use to be so stressful. Before I used Steele Vegas I spent hours studying sports and reading other peoples predicitions.
Steele Vegas helped me get more of my time back, and now I simply just follow their email and win.”

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